About Me

I’m Ariel Bowman, and you have landed on my photojournalism and blogging website! Here you will find photos taken with a professional camera of places in and around Detroit. You will also find blog posts about current events and popular culture across the world. To find such post, go to the blog section! If you’d like to learn more about me instead, keep reading.

I am a third-year Journalism student with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism. I am also a part-time writer, social media marketing intern, and somewhat of a quiet activist in the African American community. I graduated from the one and only Lewis Cass Technical High School in 2016 and will always be a proud Detroiter and Technician. I love all things art, including photography, poetry, story-writing, painting, theater and music. While I don’t dabble in all of these things, I have a deep appreciation for them, and my colorful view of the world will influence my picture-taking and blog-writing for the better.